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Ranchette Fence

Ranchette is defined as a small-scale ranch, typically of only a few acres. We offer products to make many different varieties of fence. You can click on the pictures below to see the different styles within each fencing type. 

The Products in our doweled-rail fence line are constructed of our highest quality timber stock. All of our timber has been harvested in Montana, and all products manufactured in our plant in Clancy, MT. These are our premium products.

Nail up rail fencing is an alternative to doweled-rail fencing. It is easier to install and looks great. We offer the rails in treated and untreated variants. 

Our doweled-rail, nail up jack-leg and notched jack leg fences are an attractive alternative to our standard fencing. One of the benefits to this design is the ease of installation; No Digging Required!.

Split-rail fence is affordable and has a flowing look because you can put them end to end. As you can see this fence requires very little experience to install and looks great.

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