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Doweled-Rail Fence.

Two-Rail Doweled Fence

​​Our two-rail fence is widely used for decorative purposes, although it can be effective to hold out livestock in low pressure areas. It measures 3' tall when buried 2'.


The rails are spaced 16" apart at their centers. Two-rail doweled fence can be used in many different applications to accent your property.

Three-Rail Doweled Fence

​​This three rail fence is ideal for holding livestock - and it looks great too! Our three-rail fences stand 4' high when installed 2' into the ground. 


Rails are available in 8' and 10' lengths for all of our doweled-rail fencing.Our doweled-fence is both functional and attractive.


Included in this gallery is the raw product.

Four-Rail Doweled Fence

​​This four rail fence is made for holding in animals. It has a striking appearance and is used less than three rail doweled fence.




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